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Laneige BB Cushion in Pore Control with SPF 50+ PA+++ Review

Are you a fan of Korean beauty? If you're a fan of Korean cosmetics like I do, you probably heard about BB Cushions. So what is a BB Cushion? Basically, it's a cushion soaked in BB cream. I don't want to reiterate on how BB Cushions work because there maybe hundreds or maybe even a thousand posts about it. BB Cushions are huge not only in Korea but also in other countries. Cushions are a big hit, in fact according to Laneige's statistical report, 3 out of 4 Korean women turned to be BB Cushion users and that 1 piece of the Laneige's BB Cushion is sold every 10 seconds. That's how renowned BB Cushions have become since it was popularized early last year. Funny how I may be the last person to try this new type of product but it's better late than never, right?

I'm kind of skeptical about trying this new product, so before jumping on the bandwagon, I read through blogs and websites if this is really worth all the hype. I found that almost every Korean brand released their own version of the Cushion compact. Therefore, there are a number of Cushions to choose from which left me with a real dilemma on which type of Cushion is suitable for my oily-combination skin since most of the formulas are specially made to fit Korean women with dry-normal skin type. Fortunately, Laneige heard this oily girl's prayers with the released of their Laneige BB Cushion in Pore Control with SPF 50+ PA+++. 

Brand: Laneige 
Product: BB Cushion [Pore Control] SPF 50+ PA+++
Price: P1950.00
          P950.00 (Refill)
Shade: No. 21 Natural Beige
Content: 15 g / 0.5 oz x 2

The Laneige BB Cushion in Pore Control comes in this simple yet chic silver and black box. It is comprised of the case plus a complementary 15 g refill pack which retails for P1,950.00.

This is the extra 15 g refill. So glad that it comes with a free refill. I always love the idea that you can refill this Cushion compacts, it's much easier and budget-friendly. You can buy the refill separately for P950.00.

The Laneige BB Cushion in Pore Control's properties:
  • Pore care coverage
  • Whitening
  • UV Protection (SPF 50+ PA+++)
  • Water resistant
  • Cooling effect
  • Long-lasting (Semi-matte finish)

The case of the pore control version of the Laneige BB Cushion is a blue, silver and white glass/plastic exterior. It looks simple and clean. I'm actually quite hesitant to use this outside because I might scratch or break it because it feels kinda fragile, not! Sorry my OCD is recurring again.

As I've tried different BB creams before, this is my first time to use a BB Cushion. Honestly, I have low expectations on this because I thought it's the same with the latter. The only difference of this from the usual BB cream  in a tube or bottle is that this product is soaked in a cushion/sponge. But I was wrong, this product is really good or should I say, it's the best BB Cream formulation I've tried so far.

Like all the other BB Cushions, it comes with a special air puff that doesn't absorb any product, meaning there's no wastage and that all the essential liquid is going on your face not on your puff. The soft as a cotton air-puff is actually amazing because it does a great job in applying and adhering the BB cream evenly to your skin.

As you can see, there is a cap separating the cushion from the puff to prevent the product from transferring as well as to prevent the liquid from drying. 

Ever since I used this, applying makeup has never been easier. Base makeup application is a no-brainer task whenever I use this. My makeup application time reduced significantly because it's that easy to use. This saves me time during mornings!


This product comes in 6 shades: (From lightest-darkest) 13 True Beige, 14 Pink Beige, 21 Natural Beige, 23 Sand Beige, 31 Brown Beige, and 33 Coffee. Not sure if all the shades are available here in the Philippines (will check it with Laneige Philippines and update you on this). I got the shade No. 21 Natural Beige which is the right color for me. 

Here's the color swatch on the back of my hand, as you can see it is slightly darker, but my hands are a bit lighter than my face and the rest of my body. Natural beige is yellow-toned which is perfect for my Asian skin tone.

I've struggled with acne for the past few months due to stress, hormonal imbalance and who knows for whatever reason I've been breaking out so bad. Thanks to my dermatologist, my struggle with acne is now over (will make a separate post on that soon). I just have to deal with the scars and marks left. That is my main reason for buying this BB Cushion. I'm glad that it didn't cause any further breakouts. 


It has a semi-matte finish which makes my skin brighter, smoother, and with the right amount of glow. It has medium coverage that can be buildable to full coverage. I don't recommend layering too much though because it might end up looking cakey. It covers redness and evens out my complexion. I spot conceal my red pimple marks using the same product to add more coverage only to the places I needed it to prevent caking. I also use the BB Cushion to add brightness on my under-eye circles as I find that using a separate concealer tends to look too much and uneven.


The longevity is quite good compared to other BB Creams. I have a pretty oily skin which makes products to fade and slide after just a few hours of wear, but this BB Cushion lasts throughout the day with a few blotting and dusting of a good setting powder. It doesn't oxidize or darken, it stays the same color from the moment you applied it until you remove it. Just remember to still moisturize and exfoliate well before applying this because it tends to cling unto dry areas. 

I find that this withstands heat and humidity with its lightweight and cooling effect. And let's not forget that it has a UV protection of SPF 50+ PA+++ which is good enough to protect our face from the harmful UV rays.

I think I'll never go back to using foundation again, this product is a game changer. I actually think that this Laneige BB Cushion in Pore Control might be my new HG product. I'm currently done with my first refill because I use it literally everyday. I cannot leave the house without putting this on. This covers all the problem areas while keeping it looking natural. This is the secret to that beautiful glowing and naturally flawless Korean skin we all covet and envy. Well, we don't need to feel envy no more because this product is the answer to that. Undoubtedly, this is my new love and I highly recommend it!

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  1. Gosh u look good! Thanks for reviewing this product ! I been reading reviews about Laneige bb cushion because I bought Innisfree and it breaks me out !!! :( I hope Laneige works for me too

  2. You look so pretty! I've avoided the cushion compacts thinking they would make me look greasy,but you've really made me want this one. Maybe I can find it on Amazon . Love your blog !

    1. Ohh thank you! I remember having really bad acne back when I took these photos, but the cushion hid it very well. This cushion is semi matte but leans more on the matte side. Unlike other cushions, this has good staying power. Try it! I highly recommend it :)