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BeautyMNL Haul

The other day, I was looking for a skincare product online. I thought I wouldn't get it anymore because it became unavailable for a certain period of time and I can't seem to find it locally so I tried searching through international shopping sites, but the shipping fee makes me want to cry. To my delight, the product became recently available at BeautyMNL. I added it to my cart together with another product quickly and checked out as soon as I was done filling up my order information. I ordered it 11:30 at night and it arrived the next day at around 1:00 pm. That fast! I didn't even feel like I waited. And good thin that I got the shipping for free because they currently have that promo for orders Php 2,000 and up!

My order arrived in this cute BeautyMNL zip-locked bag. My sister told me that my package came with ice. I initially thought that she was joking, but then I realized that it's true. Good job BeautyMNL for keeping your products delivered at its best condition. 

Here are the two things I got:

Dewytree Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream

As I was saying, this was the product I was searching for for months. I initially tried a sample size of this which I got from Calyxta and really thought about committing to a full size version. And now, Me and my skin are rejoicing to finally have the full tub. I have a lot to say about this, but I'm saving it for my review post on this anytime soon. 

CosRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol

As I was scanning through the site, I saw this product from a brand called "CosRX" the brand sounds familiar, I know I heard or saw it before. So I checked online and learned that it is an emerging Korean skincare brand. I was intrigued by all their products, and the reviews about their products are quite amazing. I seriously wanted to try all if my wallet permits but no haha and I feel like this is what I really need.

My hopes are high on this: "This product contains Natural BHA to control oil while helping to clear recurring pimples. A non-drying acne treatment solution for sensitive skin." Yep! sounds like everything I need at the moment. Can you feel how desperate and excited I am to try this? Will definitely have a write up about this soon! 

I also got a free Solenn Body Cream sample. Yay thanks! Giving BeautyMNL a huge applause for the fast and smooth transaction. I will definitely order from them again soon! 

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