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Mara's Beauty Diary|Beauty and Fashion

Calyxta turns 1!

1 has never looked so good! The first anniversary of go-to beauty e-shop and community Calyxta looked like an upgraded version of a makeover party with your girl friends! Everyone loves parties. Everyone also loves to be pampered. Put the two together, and you've got an experience that is sure to make everyone feel special. 

Let's learn more about the brand Calyxta, it is every woman's on and off-line authority source for aspirational yet attainable beauty. From the Greek word Kallisto, meaning "she that is most beautiful," Calyxta's name perfectly represents the vision of the brand-to be and be seen as one who passionately enhances beauty inside and out. It was an e-commerce platform as well as gathers 'beauty involvers'-from professionals to consumers-to share their knowledge and passion for all things beauty.

To celebrate their 12-month milestone, Calyxta invited media friends and partners to a "Beauty Fair" with cocktails and beats from Pioneer Philippines and "Singles of Manila" DJs Jess Milner last thursday, December 3, 2015 at Makati Diamond Residences Poolside.

T-MAC, and Quark Henares. The icing to this grand cake, however, is having a stellar roster of beauty brands and services for us guests to try out. Among these brands are Ciaté London, Toni&Guy, Maybelline, Browhaus, Strip, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret, and Enza Nail Spa. For those who only discovered about the site during the launch, Calyxta came prepared by providing a product display with tablets for us to browse and learn our way around the site.

Here's my makeup look upon my arrival at the event. Love how everything looks bright and fresh during the event!

Makeovers are offered to the guests at Maybelline Philippines' booth.

My turn at the makeup chair! I asked Maybelline's Make-up Artist Ms. Chuchie Ledesma (she's super nice by the way!) just to refresh my makeup. She retouched my face with powder, and my eyeliner which seemed to smudge a bit due to the heat. She changed my look by changing my lip color into a full on red lips for that nice pop of color.

Thank you for making me look fresh in spite of the blazing hot sun Ms. Chuchie! It was nice meeting you and you're super kulit hihi!

I'm wearing Maybelline's Velvet Matte in Mat 11, a classic matte red that is a great way to add a pop of color to your entire look. I love that it didn't budge nor it made my lips dry. Try this for yourself ladies!

At the Toni&Guy booth. Here you can have a hair makeover. Since I styled my hair already, I asked the hair stylist to just retouch my curls.

He said if I was the one who curled it because it was nice. Hehe thanks! 

Thank you Toni&Guy!

At the Browhaus, you can get your eyebrows shaped and threaded. Wild guess! This booth might had the longest list of people who wanted their brows fixed.

When it's finally my turn, I pretty much have mixed emotions upon entering the booth. I never had my brows done at a salon before because I'm afraid that my brows wouldn't turn out the way I want. But I'm here and there's no turning back! hahahuhu...

First step, makeup was removed around the brow area. The brow technician began threading my brows, and it felt good! I didn't feel any pain. It felt good to the point that I'm actually beginning to fall asleep during the session. After threading, tweezing and shaping, here's the outcome: Clean and perfectly shaped eyebrows. I wasn't able to get the name of the girl who did my brows, but thank you for doing such a great job! I super love the result!

The Ciaté London booth is probably my most awaited booth out of all haha! I love nail art and I'm very excited to try the nail polishes from this brand.

So many colors to choose from! I intentionally didn't color my nails prior to this event so that I could try these! Hihihi!

And here's my #NOTD. Light pink with silver glitters. Looks like donuts right? Haha!

And lastly, you can have an illustration by Pete Rich Chui Wan. It was a very quick artwork. I'm very jelly! Haha! *gets my own art paraphernalias 

I love it! Again, Thank you for this portrait of me!

Here's a quick #OOTD.

And finally met Maj! Hi!! It was great to finally meet you girl! See you again soon! :)

I super enjoyed Calyxta's first birthday party! It was a great afternoon of pampering, music and beautiful company indeed! Thank you so much Ms. Marcie for inviting me!

Till next time!


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