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SkinWhite U Spark Girls Inspiring Girls Media Launch

We've all been there, bullying, shaming, gossiping, and all negativity that causes low self-esteem. We wish we wouldn't have to experience any of that, but it's all part of growing up. Now, SkinWhite together with their chosen advocates proudly introduces U Spark Girls Inspiring Girls. It is an advocacy to take a stand against negativity, to spark a change that's not just skin deep and by letting girls inspire other girls.

The launch was held at Enderun Colleges last April 12, 2016. I'm totally digging the school inspired decorations, its bright and fresh interior gave a very positive vibe.

SkinWhite is proud to introduce its chosen advocates for U Spark 2016 who are all active in spreading positivity not only in their schools, but also in everyday life. (L-R) Sabine, Bea, Crisselle, Martina, Allysza, and Klaire. These girls are so cute!!

Thank you so much Ms. Marcie Linao for inviting us <3

Hi girls! Maj and Aci!!

SkinWhite prepared these Do-it-yourself activities: Customize your  pin, where you can write and draw anything and everything. You can also opt for a printed inspirational quotes which you'll only need to color.

How cute are these?

These pillows are to be colored too. How cool is that?

Didn't know I have to be creative that day, but this reminded me of art classes during elementary. 


Not the best shot, but the food is so good! 

These SkinWhite products are present to help us look our best.

SkinWhite Whitening Cream whitens, moisturizes, and protects the skin. It has Vitanourish Formula, infused with Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E plus sunscreen and moisturizers that visibly whitens skin upon application.

SkinWhite Whitening Lotion- whiten without the sticky feeling. It has the Light Feel Technology or LFT that is easily absorbed by the skin making it visibly fairer without the heavy, icky after feel.

SkinWhite Whitening Deodorant-whitens underarms in just two weeks. It has a powdery scent that keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

SkinWhite Whitening Soap (not in the picture)- helps whiten skin in just two weeks. It has Vitanourish Formula, with Vitamins B5 and E, that leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple.

I'm wearing this super cute dainty heart necklace during the launch. Shout out to Bauble&Bauble!

Finally, for the main event, The girls were introduced and were asked about the things they do and what advice that they could give other girls who are going through rough trials. 

Then Ms. Marianne gave a very inspirational talk that is quite touching. I wish I could talk with her, as often as possible so I would never feel down.

This quote really hit the mark, it says "When I come to the end of my life, I wish I would not have any single bit of talent left and could say: Lord, I used everything you gave me"

I feel very proud of these girls because they accomplished so much at such a young age. And the most important thing is they have the heart to help and inspire others in their own ways. 

With my co-bloggers! See you again guys on our next event together :)

It was a great afternoon indeed, I met new friends and met people who inspired me to aspire more in life. Again, thank you SkinWhite!  

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