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Koji Eyelash Curler No. 71 Review

As I said in my earlier post Makeup Haul x First Impression I was really impressed the first time I used this eyelash curler from Koji. I know, how can this small and common makeup tool can make such a huge difference? You gotta try it to believe it. 

This eyelash curler is from a japanese makeup brand Koji (sister brand of Dollywink), meaning this is specifically made and targeted for Asian eyes. Eyelash curlers from Koji comes in different widths and sizes of handles to cater different eye shapes and each curlers includes one refill pad which you can buy separately. 

Product Description:
"Give your lashes the professional look with a curler that adds dimension and depth to your eyes. Won't crease, tug or pull lashes. Includes one refill pad."
Where to buy?

Koji stalls (Landmark, Trinoma, etc.)
Retails for Php 299.75

It's hard to decide which type to get, but I chose the No. 71 which is 33 mm with a short handle. It's pretty much the same as the regular size but this has a shorter handle which I thought would be easier to store and travel with.

Price wise, I thought it's pretty expensive for an eyelash curler, but it is so worth it! This is a fraction of the price of other cult favorite eyelash curlers from Shiseido and Shu Uemura which I'm sure works pretty much the same. I can't compare which one is better though. I still have to try the Shiseido and Shu Uemura ones, but juding from the reviews online comparing these three, I would still go with the Koji one.

Upon trying this eyelash curler, I noticed that unlike the other eyelash curlers I've used before, this one feels very sturdy. The metal is thick and it doesn't move from left to right, hence it is not flimsy. A point in choosing an eyelash curler is how it feels when you hold it! Quality wise, this eyelash curler is superb!

33 mm length, the curve is pretty well designed so it gets all the lashes from the inner to outer corners of your lashline. What I like about this curler is that it just takes one press to curl all your lashes. The band is thick and hard so you don't have to press hard to be able to curl your lashes. The rubber band it is pretty high quality and it doesn't come off easily. When I use the Marionnaud one, the rubber band is always easily comes off unlike the Koji one, it doesn't even move when I touch it, meaning it's perfectly attached to the metal.

Can you see the rubber band difference? The Koji band is attached well while the Marionnaud one comes off at the edges. Oh the band in the Marionnaud eyelash curler is newly replaced btw. I also took this picture to compare the size to a regular sized eyelash curler. In the next photo, you will see the difference with the curve. 

Koji is bent on the edges which makes it curl even the smallest lashes on the inner to outer lashline.

This photo shows that the 33mm length is a perfect fit for my eyes. Like what it says in the product description, it doesn't tug or pull lashes. It doesn't pinch your skin because the curve and the overall metal structure is designed to perfectly fit around your eyes. The next series of photos are the before and after results of using the eyelash curler.

Bare and uncurled lashes

I have straight and pointed downwards Asian lashes. Western mascaras never works for me because it weighs down the curl and since these lashes are stubborn, any curling mascara wouldn't work.

Curled Lashes

Holy guacamole! I told you so, this curler curls even the inner and outer lashes. Every lashes is curled and separated. Unlike other eyelash curlers out there, this one doesn't clump up the lashes, instead it looks separated and evenly distributed on the right places.

Curled lashes plus one coat of mascara

All I can say is that it gives the perfect curl! C curl not an L curl. If you watch makeup tutorials by Jung Saem Mool or any other korean makeup artist on youtube, They have this eyelash curling technique that I always admire. By slowly pressing the curler from the roots to tips, it creates this perfect curl that adds dimension and depth to the eyes.

Two coats of mascara

Even with two coats of mascara the lashes still looks great! This curl lasts all day. I don't have to bother applying falsies if I can have this look all the time. 


  • High quality metal and rubber band
  • Gives the perfect curl (C curl not L curl)
  • Curls inner to outer lashes
  • Perfect fit for Asian eyes
  • Easy to use
  • Curl lasts all day
  • Doesn't crease, tug or pull the lashes
  • Doesn't pinch the skin around the eyes
  • Short size is travel friendly
  • Reasonable price. Retails for Php 299


  • None

With all the pros to this eyelash curler, I can now declare this as my holy grail eyelash curler. I love it so much! Highly highly recommend! Try it girls, you will love it!

Thanks for reading!

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