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Natural Pacific Tea Tree Fresh Essence Review

Another Tea Tree product here on my blog! For today's Tea Tree product addiction, I'll be reviewing the Natural Pacific Tea Tree Fresh Essence.

Where to buy: available HERE
Price: USD 17.76 12.42 or Php 616.85

Product Description

Goodbye troubled skin!

1. Soothes irritated skin
2. Provides a potent moisturizing effect
3. Perfect for sensitive skin
4. Provides intense hydration thereby reducing the effects of aging caused by dry skin

Suggested Use

Use after the application of a toner. Gently pat to absorb

This is another product that I tried together with the Tea Tea Fresh Toner (review here) and for the time that I was using this, I really don't know if it works at first, it doesn't break me out or anything, but I feel like it is super mild that I can't really tell if it does something. The toner stings when applied on my blemishes while this one doesn't. I apply this on the red areas caused by blemishes and it gradually calms those areas. I think it really does soothe irritated skin and is moisturizing without making your skin oily. It is the kind of product that works, but doesn't do really a lot if you know what I mean. If you ask me if I will get this again, I will because it does help calm those pesty red pimples but it is not something so great that I'll get a couple of bottles because I cannot live without it.

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