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Natural Pacific Tea Tree Fresh Toner Review

When you thought you tried literally everything, a product will come to your life and it will leave you saying "Where have you been all my life?" I'm talking about Tea Tree in general. Skincare with Tea Tree are God sent angels and I just cannot stop using them now. In today's review, I'll be reviewing this Natural Pacific Tea Tree Fresh Toner.

Where to buy: available HERE
Price: USD 14.02 9.81 or Php 487.22

Product Description

My first water! Say goodbye to impurities and an oily sheen!

1. Winter green leaf gently helps remove dead skin cells every morning and evening.
3. Reduces sebum all the while enhancing moisture
4. Strengthens the skin's barrier

Suggested Use

After cleansing, pour onto a cotton pad and gently wipe along your skin.

This big bottle contains 250 ml amount of product which is a bang for your buck thinking how affordable this is!

First time I tried this product, I was quite skeptical if this will really work. Despite everything being written in Korean and absolutely no reviews on this product, I still took the jump and tried this even though trying a new product means aggravating my skin. So far, this product hasn't broke me out and has actually helped my skin a lot. After washing my face with my regular facial cleanser, I apply this using a cotton pad and it removes any dirt and makeup residue still left on my face quite nicely. It is not drying, and feels mild when applied, though it stings on areas with blemishes which feels like it is working on drying your pimples. So far so good, I use this religiously and noticed that my skin is less oily, my pimples dries quickly too. I think this is such a good toner that needs some loving. I highly recommend it guys! I'm almost half way done with the bottle and I will definitely get one again!

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