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Review: Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow EX-5 + Selfie To Japan Contest

Hi guys! How's everyone doin'? Everytime I do my makeup, doing my brows is always the hardest. It is my least favorite part because I'm always trying to draw the shape I prefer, but whatever I do or even how hard I try to perfect it, I never get satisfied with the shape. So just recently I found out a contest online by Kate Tokyo Philippines on facebook. You have to buy a Kate product then post a selfie. Thus, I thought maybe I would join, since it's pretty easy and I really wanted to try the Kate Designing Eyebrow.

I did bought it, and joined the contest! The photo above is my entry by the way :) And since I've been loving this recently, And there's still days to buy this and maybe you want to join the contest too, here's a review of the Kate Designing Eyebrow N in EX-5.

This eyebrow kit is so popular among other eyebrow kits. I heard that this is always mentioned in Japanese magazines, And my friend used to use this too (I'm referring to you Rox haha!) so I'm happy to finally have it!

There are two shades available, EX-4 which is lighter and is kinda yellowy and EX-5 which I have is bit darker and is kinda red-toned.

This costs Php 720 My wallet is crying huhuhuhu but it's worth it!

This product is damn expensive for a brow product but I guess it's worth every single penny because the first thing I've noticed is that the powder is so fine and not chalky at all so whenever I would dip my brush, it doesn't even make a dent, thus a little goes a reaalllyyy long way. And the SA also told me that it's matipid to use. 

Everything you need such as a mirror and a brush are also already included. And the rectangular container is tiny that it can fit into anything. 

It comes with a mirror and a small dual ended brush (a blending and slanted brush)

It has 3 shades of powder, a very light brown, a medium brown, and a dark brown.

Here's a swatch of the 3 colors. The two darker powders are fine, and you have to use a fine slanted brush that way it picks up the powder well and it deposits the powder unto your brows better. The lighter shade is softer than the two shades, thus a soft blending brush is perfect for applying it.

I like that this powder is hard to remove, I rubbed it a few times after swatching and it didn't came off. So same thing when it's on your brows, it's not going to move the whole day.

As I said earlier, the darker shades are dry and hard when you use your finger, like it's wouldn't transfer to your fingers so you really have to use a brush with this that's why it's already provided. Every dip of brush, gives you enough powder.

This product is multi-functional as well because you cannot only use this as a brow powder, you can also use this as an eyeshadow and a contour. The lightest shade is just perfect to define my nose line, you wouldn't see it because it's light, but it defintely makes a huge difference!

I highly recommend this Designing Eyebrow from Kate Tokyo! 

Here's a photo of me wearing this on my brows. I contoured my nose as well using the lightest shade. And I used the middle brown color as a transition color for my eyeshadow. It looks so natural on my brows and fits my hair color too. Believe it or not, I'm always excited now to do my brow routine everytime I do my makeup because of this! I Love this eyebrow kit so much! :)

And before I forget, I joined the contest Selfie to Japan, PLEASE PLEASE like my photo, I need 1 thousand likes! I want to go to Japan so badly. All you have to do is to like Kate Tokyo Philippines facebook page, then like my photo by clicking here.

Here's the mechanics. This contest will end on June 30. Please, again help me win please, Thank you! :)


Hi Guys! I'm so happy to say that I WON!!!!! Though I wouldn't go to Japan, nor have a brand new phone and make-up from Kate, I was selected as THE JUDGES' CHOICE! Kate Tokyo Philippines announced that they will have another winner, which made me excited because I have to admit that I gave up halfway through the contest 'coz it's hard to get likes, but nonetheless here are the announcements:

ATTENTION Kate Tokyo PH fans and participants of our #kateselfietojapan competition.

Our final tallying is nearing its end, and we will announce our top 5 LIKED entries today. 


Our judges, after scoring our top 5 to determine the winner of the free trip to Japan, will take a look at ALL OF THE ENTRIES and will be selecting our JUDG

These entries will be selected, NOT BASED ON LIKES, but based on the beauty, creativity, and overall fun-factor displayed. These entries will be selected as the entries that best represent the Kate Tokyo ideals.

So what's in store for our selected entries? Aside from surprises that we will announce once they are selected, our judges' choice entries will be SHOWCASED AT THE NEAREST KATE TOKYO OUTLET TO THEIR RESIDENCE! If selected, everyone in your area will know that you are a Kate Tokyo beauty girl when they pass by the Kate Tokyo stall!
This is our little way of showing our appreciation for everyone who took the time to showcase their makeup and beauty talents.  


Good afternoon everyone! Are you ready to know who is the Kate Girl: Selfie to Japan contest winner?

Before we reveal who she is, an introduction of our guest judges is in order. Here are the beauty and fashion industry experts who determined the winner of our contest:

Agoo Azcuna Bengzon
Beauty Director, Summit Publishing Group
Skin Expert, Avon

Mau Mauricio

Mau was a recent guest photographer for Asia's Next Top Model season 2. His advertising and editorial work have been published in Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, Esquire Malaysia, Fashion TV Indonesia, Architectural Digest Spain, Interni Magazine Italy, and Exclusive Venezuela, among others.

Au Mauricio

International Celebrity Make-up Artist

Managing Director of creative talent management agency At East JedRoot

Founder of Makeup Like A Pro workshops

Good evening everyone.

Our Kate Girl: Selfie to Japan contest has come to a close and the winners have been declared. So now...

We declare another winner!

Our judges, who are prominent professionals from the beauty and fashion industry, looked at each and every one of the entries. The lucky girl they selected gets a special feature here on the Kate Tokyo facebook page, in addition to having her entry displayed at the Kate counter nearest her residence.

The Judges' Choice is: Mara Cristine Lim Loyola.

Congratulations Mara! 

And because Kate Tokyo celebrates beauty and talent, there will be more happy announcements soon!  Stay tuned ladies!

I really didn't expect to win the judges' choice award! As I said before, I gave up, But it was great that I still won, I LOVE the product I purchased and I WON, It's a win-win situation.  Oh, It was a unanimous decision according to Kate which made me felt like somehow, I got what it takes... to be the next Asia's Next Top Model! HAHAHAHA just joking!

 But kidding aside, I'm so grateful to everyone who liked and shared my entry (my family, friends, classmates, colleagues) all of these are enough for me, knowing that you guys are in full support of me. I'm also happy for the the top 5 winners who really worked hard to gather the most likes, you guys did an awesome job! :D

I'm still going to update this post once my special feature on Kate's facebook page is up as well as once my entry is displayed at the Kate counter. Thank you Lord for this blessing! Please bless everyone who became part of this happy and successful event! <3

Thanks for reading!

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