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f(x) 'Red Light' Inspired Look

Annyeong Haseyo! Joneun Mara imnida! kkkkkkkkk

f(x), a five member girl group, recently released pictures as teasers for their upcoming full length album 'Red Light' And I just had to recreate a look inspired of their make-up, especially Sulli's make-up!

I had a lot of fun doing this look, and of course I had to take a lot of selfies!!! #selfielord I wanted to put all my pictures here, but y'all probably wouldn't like that hahahaha umay! So here's my top picks from all the photos I took.  

Their concept is kind of like dual personality I guess, because one side of their face had simple make-up on but then the other side had dark make-up such as black smokey eyes and red-gradient lips. The simple side is hidden by their bangs, so if you're wondering why my bangs are all over the side of my face, that's why :)

I really love smokey eyes, especially the full on lid black smokey eyes, I think it compliments my monolids-sometimes-double-lids eyes well and it makes my eyes extra bigger!

Oh, for the first time in forever, my brows are looking gooooooood! I used my Kate Tokyo Designing Eyebrow (read my review here)

Dear SM Entertainment, I want to be a trainee-idol hahaha! You can put me either as the 10th member of SNSD or the 6th member of f(x), jebal?

Side profile. By the way, this are all raw pictures, no filter, no edit whatsoever kkkkkkk 

Here's my fave shot! Remember these are selfies using S4's camera, so imagine me stretching my arm as far as I could to capture this hahahaha! I should've used our monopod :(

This is the real me, kkkkkk I always smile in pictures :D If you're wondering what contact lenses I'm wearing, it's from Executive Optical Flexware Illusions in Slate Gray. It's my first contact lense pair ever, and I love it!! 

That's it, I hope you didn't get bored or umay after seeing my pictures kkkkkkkk Anyong!~

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You actually look like Sulli! Good job! *thumbs up*