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Mara's Beauty Diary|Beauty and Fashion

Celebrating 10 years with Céleteque DermoScience and DermoCosmetics!

We all know that good make up comes with good skin. And most of the time too much makeup can do more damage than good to our precious skins. It's great that there are now products specifically formulated to deliver same great results without compromising quality that will benefit the skin.

Celebrating their 10th year in the business, the team behind the success of Céleteque's DermoScience and DermoCosmetics gathered media partners and bloggers to join them in this very special event.

We became a Skin Sleuth for the day. Mission is to go through the 3 different skin stations and to discover what it takes to be truly DermoBeautiful. Yes!  

But before anything else, a day is not complete without taking any selfies. I arrived too early, so what better way to skip time by taking some snaps of the look of the day right?

Céleteque Skin Station 1: Experience a #DermoBeautiful boost when you explore the different skin care counters and score a quickie makeover at the beauty stations.

Céleteque Skin Station 2: What skin product can't you live without? Grab one biggie from our top five and strike your best skin-perfect pose. 

Yes, this Acne Spot Corrector Gel is my top pick. I remember using it all the time before. It was great, and very affordable as well.

Céleteque Skin Station 3: Enter the Céleteque Mystery Lab, be a skin sleuth, and make the journey from skin clues to dermatological solution.

Now for the most exciting part. We were group into six before entering the "Céleteque Mystery Lab." I seriously had no idea what's in store for us inside.

Blue light and smoke welcomed us inside. We were advised to wear lab gowns and glasses, and to pick our medical board. By this time, I look so calm, but inside I was giggling with excitement. The girl detective walked us through the "lab." 

Basically we were to help the Professor to look for the 3 ingredients needed to solve a case of skin problem assigned to us.

Although it was all acting, I enjoyed being part of this quick scenario. I was in awe with the Detective and Professor's acting skills and felt like I was a child again where it's totally normal to role play, but this time, with real time props and you really get the feel of it. Thank you Céleteque for letting us experience this. It was so much fun, and I hope I can get to experience it again!

And I must not forget to mention, the food was so good. Too sad, I wasn't able to eat much.

The host and the Céleteque Dermo Team proposed a cheers for the great 10 years and for more successful years to come. Congrats again Céleteque!

So glad to be with Mhisha and Maj all throughout the event. Didn't notice until now that all our names starts with M! 

Came home with this bag full of Céleteque products! Thank you so much Céleteque for being so generous and giving almost all of your products for me to try <3

Again, much thanks to Ms. Marcie and the Céleteque team for inviting me. I had the best of time! Thank you for the huge amount of Céleteque products as well! Wishing more fruitful years to come, Céleteque!

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