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L'Oreal Lucent Magique Cushion Lumiere Review

Hi guys! Welcome back to yet another cushion review. This is going to be from the brand L'Oreal. I got it a few months back while strolling along the makeup aisle of Duty Free. I knew it's not available locally at the moment so  I thought, yes, I'll be one of the few ones to try it, so I bought it straight away without any second thoughts.

Let's just say it was love at first sight. I fell in love with the rose gold packaging. It's so gorgeous, but I hope it was made of a much sturdy plastic, something that will not break easily when you accidentally drop it.

Price: USD 19.00 (Php 864.50)
Where to buy: Duty Free Philippines

I seriously had no idea if this was any good then, I just knew that it's hard to get anywhere other than Duty Free. So I bought it and walked happily as I went outside Duty Free, and sang no regrets, just love hahahaha.

Judging from the description on the back of the box you can already tell that this is going to have a dewy finish.

There are two available shades: Nude Rose (light beige with pink undertone) and Nude Miracle (natural beige with yellow undertone). I picked the darker shade which is a good match on my skin. Too sad that there are only two shades on this line. This cushion was released in Japan and other Asian countries, thus the limited shade selection.

Unlike the puff/sponge from other cushions, I'm not a fan of the puff from this one. It is stiff and absorbs to much of the product. It doesn't blend the product well on your skin too, so I'd rather use another puff because this just ain't cutting it.

Unlike other refillable cushion foundations, this one isn't. 

The big difference I initially noticed after opening this is the type or quality of the foam or cushion. The cushion on this one is quite loose and soft (big holes/pores) whereas the cushion from other Korean brands are more firm and intact (small even pores). 

This product has a semi-matte finish. It makes your skin appear smooth and bright upon application. Coverage is light to medium, you might need the extra coverage of a concealer to cover dark spots and redness. It looks pretty good at first, but after four hours of wear, you can already see the oil seeping through the foundation even with powder and AC. 

I'd say that this product is quite good, especially for those who have normal to dry skin types. If only my skin wasn't oily and if we have a cold weather here in the Philippines, I will gravitate more towards this product. I mean I could still make this work by retouching with blotting sheets and powder every now and then.

If you're a fan of Cushion foundations and have already tried a few semi-matte types, you might want to skip this as I know there are much better ones out there that have better coverage and long lasting finish. That being said, I would like to point out that this more suited for girls with dry to normal skin type because you girls are not gonna look like you can fry an egg on my face look but still look decent with this even after hours of wear. I would still use this though when I'm running quick errands or when I want light makeup during work. My final thoughts on this product is that it's okay, I don't find anything special about it. But let's not forget about the pretty packaging and the affordable price. Which makes this still a good buy.

*Not yet available in malls (will update once release by L'Oreal Philippines)

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