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Modeling for Majolica Majorca Philippines (Updated!)

Flashback to April 23, 2014, the day Ms. Aimee Bernice Unson, Philippines' Chief Make-up Artist and Training Executive of Shiseido brands Majolica Majorca and Za Cosmetics asked me if I am interested in modeling for Majolica Majorca, my thoughts were scattered during the time I read her message coz' I've never ever thought that I would become a model especially for my favorite make-up brand, so I said yes!, HECK YES!

This chance to be a model for the Japanese cosmetic brand Majolica Majorca  made me feel ecstatic because first, everyone doesn't get to be a model, so I feel extremely happy to finally become one,  and second, if you know me personally or you've been following my posts on my social media accounts (facebook, instagram and twitter) you would know that Majolica Majorca is my absolute favorite brand (30% of my makeup collection comprises of that brand alone - from mascaras, palettes, lip glosses, eyeliners, blush, powders) I personally use and love Majolica, So you get the picture that I'm more than obsessed with the brand. Thus, making me a happy camper by being featured by my beloved make-up brand.

May 19, 2014 was the day of the photo shoot, Ms. Aimee's team did my hair and make-up, I originally have to do 10 segments but it was narrowed down to four. So basically they have a lists of different looks and inspirations, then the make-up, hair and outfit would be based on it.  

I have to be honest, during the first shots, I was extremely nervous and shy and you could see it in the photos but eventually I tried to loosen up and relax and it gave much better photos. 

So here are some of the behind the scene photos taken by my sister who accompanied me throughout the shoot Thank you chingu! 

The photo above this post was released yesterday at Majolica Majorca Philippines social media sites such as facebook, twitter and instagram. Which made me nervous, as I kept this as a secret from my family and friends. But there it is! It's now out on public.  

Thank you Majolica Majorca Philippines for this wonderful opportunity! Special thanks to Ms. Aimee and her team and to Sir Rjay (our photographer).

I will be updating this posts once the rest of segments are out within the upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoyed reading through my experience as a first time model hahaha! Keep checking this post as well as my IG account for updates!


These two are my fave shots so far :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. wow! that is so cool! I haven't tried any from the brand but I used to be interested on their puff de cheeks (my money always gravitate towards something else.. huuu self control.. must!) anyway, I think you did a good job on your photoshoot. Cheers to your beauty blog! :)

  2. Wow! That is really amazing and you are one lucky girl. :)