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August Beauty HAUL!

Beauty haul alert! I got a bunch of stuff from my modelling gig for Majolica Majorca Philippines! It's always a pleasure to lend my face for the brand because I personally love Majolica! Thanks Ms. Aimee for the goodies! I love it! (New post showing my photos will be up soon!) Aside from that, I also picked up other things I've been wanting to try.

For this particular post, I'm just going to share with you what I got and what I think about them, but if you want a detailed review on any of these products, just let me know in the comments below or send a personal message on my facebook account. Let's get started shall we?

Majolica Majorca Aqua Fizz Shower

I'm so happy that I want to sing. I've been wanting to have this product since the day I saw it online. Majolica Majorca also carries perfumes called Majoromantica, I know because, I can clearly remember how I want badly their perfume called Majoromantica F. God, that perfume smells good, it is fruity-floral that makes you go out of this world. I didn't buy it because I was out of budget, to my dismay Majolica Majorca Philippines stopped carrying the perfumes here so I never got the chance to buy any from the different collections. But now, hallelujah! This may not be the actual Majoromantica but it's the same scent.

I think this is like a lotion/frangrance for your hair and body. It has chemical properties to remove any odor. It smells so good so I'm gonna try not to use this as often because you can only buy this in Japan. Let me know if you're going to Japan or you know an online store selling this, okay? I've been searching high and low for the Majoromantica in the glass bottle.

Za Cosmetics Plumper Lip Gloss (Strawberry Soda)

Can we just take a moment and admire this color? It's so pretty! It's funny because Ms. Aimee seemed to know what I needed, lol. I don't have any lip gloss shade like this so I've been searching for something like this that would make my lips glowy.

Za Cosmetics Lip Drops (Yours Always)

I tried this and I love the finish it gives, if you're reading japanese magazines, japanese girls always has this glass like jelly effect on their lips, and this lip gloss does exactly like that!

Za Cosmetics Cheeks Groovy (Stwarberry Pink)

This is a shade that I don't own yet. Yes! I'm excited to create a dolly light pink cheeks look with this on.

Za Cosmetics Perfect Action Mascara (Smudgeproof)

I needed a new mascara, I got this so I don't have to buy one. This is not waterproof but it's a japanese mascara so lasting power is great. This is removable by water so it's not as stubborn to remove than the other mascara's I've tried.

Nature Republic By Flower Lip Balm (Peach)

Oppa.... hahaha I hope you can imagine how kilig I am after getting this hahaha I know fangirl mode! I just reviewed this so click this Nature Republic By Flower Lip Balm Review to read it.

Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish (221 Buried Treasure)

Have you guys tried any color from Maybelline's colorshow nail polish line? I just love every color in there! I would've bought every color but I have similar colors from my collection. This one though is very unique and I haven't seen anything like this. It's a taupey-purple with gold shimmer. Gorgeous!

Nail Foil (Landmark, Trinoma)

I bought this nail foil in Landmark Trinoma, if you are addicted to nail stuff such as nail foils, glitters, gems or whatever you should check out the nail stall in Landmark. You'll go gaga while deciding on what to buy hahaha I bought just one and I regret not getting more. Here's what it looks like on my nails.

Pretty isn't it? This ring I have on is a prize from Yhansy.

I love watching haul videos and reading haul posts. If you have one, I want  to read or watch it!

Thanks for reading!

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