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Mara's Beauty Diary|Beauty and Fashion

Serenity and White

Ever since I started this blog, I posted nothing but beauty related stuff. So to give this blog and my readers a breathe of fresh air, a fashion/style post perhaps would make things a little interesting. Now a little disclaimer for you guys, I'm not your resident fashionista haha so please know that I'm not expert at this and I'm doing this all for fun. Anyhow, this was on the spot as my sister and I were just having fun during her birthday, and I asked her if she could take a few snaps of my outfit for the day.

This serenity-pantone color of the year dress is best worn on a sunny bright day. I love that it is light as air, it is the perfect dress to wear out on a 40 degrees summer heat.

I spiced up my outfit with a few gold pieces such as this dainty heart  necklace. I'm also wearing a dainty inifinity bracelet and a gold casio vintage watch.

Keeping the bright vibe, I paired my dress with this cute and comfortable white slip on sandals.

I love how I can be carefree with this outfit. I always prefer comfort over style, but it's always great to have the best of both worlds.

Since I already started branching out to a different topic, I think why not right try to blog about food? Here's me mixing my boiling shabu shabu, "mmmmmmm".

Lately, I've been a very good kid by eating my veggies. For the past week I've been eating a lot of fast food, and drinking a lot of Cola, so in turn, I now eat healthy hearty meals which doesn't feel like punishment at all. 

Wee! I never thought I would say this, but fashion blogs are a lot of fun. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get to do this again. Thanks for reading!

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