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Stylekorean: Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Review

Are you a lip tint junkie? Or are you fond of drinking wine? If you are a combination of both, this lip tint is right up your alley. Château Labiotte Wine Lip Tint is a long-wearing tint that dyes the lips with a bold yet delicate color that resembles quality wine while moisturizing the lips.

Where to buy: available HERE 
Price: USD 11.21 8.96 or Php 433.66

A long finishing lip tint that contains extracts from France premium wine for stronger moisturizing and covering effect.
  • A must-have wine bottle shaped lip tint.
  • A moisturizing texture containing premium wine extracts
  • Compared to other brands a stronger tinting effect for longer lasting effect.

I'm your lip tint kinda girl, living in a lip tint kinda world. What?? A little background about me, I prefer lip tints over lipsticks and I probably tried a hell-lot of lip tints before. I finished tubes and tubes because they are the most easy to apply and long lasting at the same time. 

I've heard, seen and watched so many people talking about this supposedly lip tint in a wine bottle. I was curious but thought "You have so many lip tints Mara, you don't need another one". But why is it that so many people even Korean celebrities are raving about this? Let's find out together.

First thing that you will notice is the packaging which is uber cute and gorgeous. I can see myself whipping this out my bag and girls would go gaga asking what is it. The concept lip tint in a wine bottle is just crazy cute and I love it.

I picked the shade RD03 Merlot Burgundy because it is the most unique color there is among the 6 colors available. I haven't seen or tried a lip tint as dark as this one. And burgundy is such a gorgeous color that suits any skin tone.

Just a warning. I noticed that many online shops on Instagram who sells this for a much cheaper price. Please get your makeup from trusted or authorized sellers to avoid counterfeit products.

It comes with the usual doe foot applicator which applies the product evenly.

The consistency of the tint is almost gel-like. It applies smoothly and dries quickly. Blend it right away after application to avoid stricking.

Because it dries quickly, it tints your lips easily too. It lasts long on my lips even when I drink or eat.

So do I love it? Yes. I think the color is very beautiful. It looks natural when applied thinly, and chic and gorgeous when layered. It is the perfect flush of color. The only down side is it is quite drying. My lips are always dry to begin with so the "it dries my lips" is not an issue and like most lip tints do, it sips up moisture, so wearing lip balm after is a must. Oh I have to mention the scent of this is sweet like wine. I also love that it taste sweet unlike other lip tints that have bitter after taste.

Below are the photos of me wearing the wine lip tint in Merlot Burgundy with the Petal Affair Sleeping Mask on top to keep my lips moisturized.

Beautiful isn't it? I can see myself rocking this color all the time. I love it so much! I highly recommend it guys. Thank you again Stylekorean for sending this!

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