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Stylekorean: Château Labiotte Haul

Hello October! I'm back with another haul which came all the way from South Korea, again. Stating the obvious here: I love anything and everything Korean, well that's in case you still haven't noticed. 

I picked a few items from Chateau Labiotte from Stylekorean. By the way is your online tool to get the newest and trendiest Korean cosmetics in Korea. They ship worldwide and carry more than 3,000 different kinds of products. All their products are guaranteed 100% authentic. Stylekorean was generous enough for letting me pick all these for me to try. Thank you so much Stylekorean for these! Be sure to check out their website to get newly released k-makeup in the market. 

Château Labiotte is a new makeup brand in Korea specializing in makeup made with wine. Their products are infused with real wine extract hence the name. Their lip products look, smell, and taste like wine too, how amazing is that? Their Wine Lip Tint specifically is the current talk of the town in South Korean beauty scene. I've heard that many Korean celebrities are raving about the Wine Lip Tint thus they sell like hotcakes. But other than the Lip tints, they also have eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, mascara, and lip balm. My oh my, glad that I got my hands on these products! I can't wait to tell you guys how I think about them! I will definitely review these, but for now, find below their individual photos.

Château Labiotte Wine Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Sweet Wine (26.17 20.93 USD / Php 1,013) REVIEW HERE

Château Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD03 Merlot Burgundy (11.21 8.96 USD / Php 433.66) REVIEW HERE

Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Fitting) in RD03 Cabernet Red (14.95 11.96 USD / Php 578.86) REVIEW HERE

Château Labiotte Petal Affair Agingline Lip Care Sleeping Mask (13.08 10.46 USD / Php 506.26) REVIEW HERE

I have many things to share regarding these products, but I will all save it in my individual review. I will let you guys know once they are up. Once again, thank you very much Stylekorean for letting me try these and for the free samples too!

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