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Stylekorean: Labiotte Lip Care Sleeping Mask Review

Lip balm is a product a kikay girl cannot live without. I don't know about you, but I always prep my lips with lip balm before I apply any lip product or even when I'm just at home or at the office. Lip balm is just that essential because it gives moisture to the lips to prevent it from drying, just like how we drink water to hydrate our bodies.

I'm totally all out for the most moisturizing lip balm, and this one is something I haven't heard or tried before-Lip Care Sleeping Mask.

Where to buy: available HERE
Price: (13.08 10.46 USD / Php 506.26)

So what exactly is a Lip Care Sleeping Mask? Labiotte says it takes care of wrinkles and dryness around the lips as the water-holding texture works on the lips and surrounding skin overnight.

When you thought masks are for the face only, well apparently, there is one for every part of your body. 

The consistency of this is rich and glossy. It is not waxy like most lip balms. And it feels like petroleum but slightly thicker.

I apply this before I go to bed and wake up to the most soft and plump lips. Think Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner. I like that it keeps my lips hyrdated for a longer period of time. Sometimes when I feel like my lips need some extra loving, I apply this even when it's not yet bed time. 

If you're a lip balm-junkie, you definitely need to check this out! I love this and definitely something worth trying!

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