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Stylekorean: Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Fitting) Review

Matte lipsticks, ugh they are a gift from the heavens. Everybody loves them because they are the definition of glorious in a tube. You can find it anywhere and everywhere, and they come in even the most bizarre color you could possibly think of. While everyone is coming up with their own matte lipsticks, they sometimes forget to retain the moisture factor. Now that's a big turn-off. I hate cracking lips, and what most lipstick do is they dry your lips like there's a drought going on. Now I found one lipstick that doesn't do that.

Labiotte, a Korean cosmetic brand specializing in wine makeup, came up with their wine lipstick that is both matte and moisturising at the same time. It is called Wine Lipstick Fitting.

Where to buy: available HERE
Price: USD 14.95 11.96 / Php 578.86

This wine lipstick from Labiotte is a combination of matte and moisture. I don't know how to properly explain it but this lipstick right here is the definition of comfort and style.

The fitting lipstick wraps and smoothens the lips as the well-aged quality wine ingredient reacts to the optimal temperature of the lips.

There are 4 shades in the fitting line, the one I got is the shade RD03 Cabernet Red which is a bright red with cool undertone.

Like the wine liptint from the same brand, this has the same wine bottle design but this is taller and the bottle cap is removable. Inside is a sponge tip applicator or smudger to blend the product to get the famous korean gradient lips.

Here is a swipe of the lipstick. It is pigmented and the texture is really nice. It is easy to apply too. This shade is a true bright red. It brightens your skin tone because of the pop of color and it makes your teeth look a lot whiter.


What I really like about this lipstick is its finish. Its matte/velvet/smooth finish looks beautiful even on my dry lips. I like that it is pigmented enough that I don't need to do multiple swipes to let the color show. It also doesn't make my lips crack from dryness. One thing I noticed though is it is not that long lasting. Unlike other matte lipsticks that cling unto your lips even if you eat or drink, this lipstick fades after eating or drinking. Re-application is a must to even out the color again. I still like it though because of the color and finish. Below are photos of me wearing the lipstick.

If you're into matte lipsticks but don't want that dry cracking lips, then I highly recommend this moisturizing but matte lipstick from Labiotte! Thank you again for sending this over! ♡

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