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Banila Co. It Radiant CC in Melting Pact SPF 32 PA++

Banila Co. it Radiant CC in Melting Pact in Light Beige: Care, Correction & Finish SPF 32 PA++

If you're a SONE like me or you are just a k-pop lover then you would know that Girls' Generation Jessica Jung is the new endorser of Banila Co. products. The star products from the brand are the it Radiant CC cream line.

Since she's endorsing this product, many girls including me are dying to try the CC line. Banila Co. is actually one of the first brands to come up with products in line with the 'CC Cream' trend. If you don't know what a CC cream is yet, it's been vastly popular since its entry in the cosmetic industry that I think everybody knows about it. But if you really insist in knowing, CC stands for Color Correction. Its main functions are to even out and brighten your complexion while providing a high level of moisture and other benefits such as sun protection and wrinkle repair, coverage varies from very light to medium so if you're someone who 's looking for a lot of coverage, i think you may skip this, but if you're someone who just needs a little evening out of the skintone, girl, this is a jackpot! 

Front. I love the packaging!

At the back it says the expiration date (January 19, 2017) and 
other bunch of korean characters I cannot understand

Product Description:
  • Base for complexion care with skin care and makeup into one
  • Moisture care creates stable and natural skin tone
  • Takes care of pore and uneven skin to create soft and smooth skin texture
  • Eco herb complex increases skin transparent degree to create bright and gorgeous skin
  • SPF 32 PA++


I am religiously using this since I got it 2 months ago from Kkochipida. As a matter of fact i've ditched my other base products because of its EASE OF USE. First of, the packaging is so pretty! It's white and pink chic! It has a mirror, an air puff which is commonly used or seen in korean cushion pacts. 

It has a full size mirror and an air puff. This product is so photogenic! haha
Here's a close-up of the air puff. I stained it huhu :(

It has a protective lid/ cap to keep the moisture intact and to prevent product from transferring into the puff (if you use powder, you know this problem). You don't need a brush or any other tools with this because for me, applying this using the puff works the best. Oh, It might look bulky but it's actually pretty light and convenient.

There's sticker on the protective cap, but I can't read it.

All compacts should have a protective cap or lid!

There are only two COLOR CHOICES which are light beige and natural beige. I use the lightest which is light beige, i haven't checked my shade in MAC but I'm guessing  I'm around NW 20-25, I am fair with yellow undertones. The light beige is a shade lighter but give it time and it will set into your color perfectly. The color selection maybe a set back for those who are in the medium to darker shades.

Cool right? I feel like I'm Jung Saem Mool when I use this (She's a popular 
make-up artist in korea and she does awesome youtube videos!)

Close-up of the shade light beige

The TEXTURE and CONSISTENCY is like that of a cream foundation. It may look like a hard cream foundation at first but once you press the puff or use your fingers to get some product, it kind of melts into a very creamy foundation that's why it's called melting haha! So be careful in over pressing your puff or fingers because it's very soft and you only need the tiniest bit amount of product.

Gently press/ swirl your finger onto the product and you will feel it melting

It is soooo creamy! It feels like butter to the touch

Press the air puff into the cream to pick up the product

Here's a swatch on my hand

Left: without CC Right: with CC. 

The COVERAGE is light to medium but buildable, I seldom use a concealer with this, but whenever i have blemishes (which rarely happens now thank God!) and dark under eye circles I do use concealer for more coverage and to correct those areas. Once this sets onto your skin, it feels like you don't have anything on and it looks so natural! 

Gently tap and press the puff onto skin, apply it at the center of your face, 
 working it outwards for a perfect finish.

It does brighten and even out your skin tone like what it says on the product description. It's MOISTURIZING enough, so if you're a lazy gal who likes to sometimes skip skincare, this will save your life but my advice is to still moisturize your face before applying this.  If you're worried after reading moisturizing, it doesn't give a super duper oily look, it gives a semi matte finish and it sets into powder but it still gives you a glow not an oily glow, but a brightened look (think Julia Baretto glow). 

Before: Excuse my no make-up face! (I'm showing this for the sake of this review)

After 1 layer: Hello bright, healthy, flawless skin!

If you're a combination-oily like me be sure to set it with a good powder. It also gives you that SMOOTH FINISH making you look poreless.I like pairing this with my 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder, it just gives me the moossttt natural finish! I swear this powder does wonders! No cakiness and oil!

Dust this for a matte but natural finish (3W Clinic Natural Make-up Powder)

After dusting some powder, It looks natural right?! #nofilter

The LONGEVITY is quite decent. I'm the type of girl who seldomly retouches her face i don't like bringing too much products! so I find that this stays on for more than 8 hours on me. 12 hours is my maximum make-up wear time btw. The longevity of this product depends on the weather and on your skin type, but on me, it stays on the whole day (provided I use a good powder).

Sad to say that this is not yet AVAILABLE locally here in the Philippines. This pact retails for 28,000 KRW originally but I bought this for the PRICE of Php 485 from Kkochipida (check out her monthly posts for new products! you can also pre-order anything from korea! I've purchased from her many times before - my one and only TRUSTED korean cosmetics seller <3! 


  • Easy to use (easy to apply, has everything you need, and light--great for travel!)
  • Skincare benefits: Moisture, Sun protection of SPF 32 PA++, and Wrinkle repair
  • Gives a semi-matte and smooth finish (it sets into a powder, hides your pores and gives you a brightened glowing look)
  • Light-medium coverage (buildable)
  • Feels light and looks natural
  • Very creamy (you'll only need a small amount, so a little goes a long way!)
  • Lasts for 8 hours or plus (set it with a good powder)
  • Got it on sale for Php 485 at Kkochipida but it usually retails for 28,000 KRW which maybe pricier than other korean brands e.g. etude house, tony moly, etc.

  • Color range
  • Isn't locally available here in the Philippines


I give the Banila Co. It radiant CC in melting pact  5 stars because I LOVE everything about this product! It's light and it looks natural. I highly recommend this, definitely try this once you found a stock online (buy it! it gets sold out quickly) I want to try other products from Banila Co. as well especially the CC cream.

I hope you find this in-depth review helpful I felt like I was writing a novel! ang haba eh! Please comment down below on how you find my blog layout and content. It's fairly new, so your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated! and let me know if you want me to do reviews on other products too!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow, great review! I want to include this in my 'things to buy' list. Oh, and I'm also a 'suki' in Kkochipida. By the way, your blog is nice. Let's follow each other!