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Palty's Namachoco Waffle Review

Hi everyone!! Have you guys ever heard of a bubble hair dye? I know some of you know what that is, but if that sounds new to you, well, you're in luck! because for today's review, I'm going to share my thoughts on a bubble hair dye from Japan - Dariya's Palty in Namachoco Waffle!

Palty is a do-it-yourself hair dye which you can do at the comfort of your own home. It specially caters people who doesn't want to spend bucks of money for a hair coloring session at the salon. Continue reading to see how this hair dye works.

Instructions at the back of the box 

At the left side there are safety reminders written, as well as the other variants/ colors available.

Color result indicator depending on your current hair color

Here's the items inside the box: (l-r) Packet (instruction leaflet, hair care solution and gloves), Cream, Base water, Mixing spoon, Mixing cup. 

(l-r) Instruction, Hair care solution, and Gloves

Instruction leaflet (written in four languages). Remember to read the instructions carefully before using!

Quick tip #1: Cut along the lines to create a cup holder (this is ridiculous but surprisingly helpful, we don't want any dye spilling at our table tops and floors, don't we?)

How to use:
(everything is written in the instruction leaflet, so this is going to be just a summary of that)

Shake the foam for around 20 times and pour everything into the cup.

Add the cream into the cup

Quick tip #2: Use the cap to open the tube

This cream smells sooooo gooood! You would probably tell me I'm crazy, but I'm not kidding! this smells hella amazing (smells like my Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex which I love) 

Quick tip #3: Fold the tube like this to get all the cream out of the tube

So far, this is how it would look like

Gently press the cream into the base water with the mixing spoon, then start mixing in a circular motion

Cool right?! Mix for 20-40 stirs. Be sure that the foam doesn't exceed the line inside the cup or else it will overflow.
Now once that's done go ahead and put your gloves on and wear something you don't mind getting dirty! Because once you made the mixture, you should begin dyeing right away.

(Taken under sunlight) This is my hair color before. Super uneven :(

I colored my roots first, then I let it sit for 5 mins, then I applied the hair color to the rest of my hair from root to tips. I left the dye on my hair for 45 minutes because my hair is thick, but for thin hair, 20-30 mins must be good enough. Oh 1 box is enough for short to medium hair length. I used 1 box for my shoulder length hair, actually the foam is more than enough for me so I was a happy bear. I rinsed my hair right after and I used the hair care solution provided (do you know where I can buy this?) it made my hair felt like the hair in a shampoo commercial. 

Here's the result! (taken under sunlight) I think my hair is now evened out! my roots are not as brown but it's definitely not as black as before. It looks like a bright reddish brown when you're under sunlight, but under flourescent it's dark brown.

I'm pretty happy with the result! I was so nervous at first because, damn! it's my first time to dye my own hair but I'm confident at the same time coz' I did some research on how to use this and I read the leaflet like crazy before finally convincing myself to just do it. 

For some reason, the dye actually made my hair shiny! If you know me, I have the most dry, dull and buhaghag looking hair in town (It may look good all the time because I always heat style my hair) but yeah, It looks great! And for some strange reason, the cream smells like candies/fruits and flowers (I can't describe scents ugh T.T) anyway, It smells amazing, I could smell my hair right when I'm typing this.

  • Easy to use
  • Gives accurate color/ Good color pay off
  • Includes everything you need
  • Hair becomes shiny after dyeing
  • Hair smells amazing after (fruity & floral, mmmmmm)
  • The hair care solution makes your hair sooooo soft
  • Doesn't feel as harsh as other hair dye kits
  • Isn't drying
  • Affordable(Php 499 in Watsons)
  • 1 box is good for short to medium length hair (If you have longer hair, buy 2 boxes)
  • none


I give 5 stars! It worked so well for me <3

What do you guys think? Do you like my new hair color? I remembered, during my college years (I just graduated from PLM!) Hair color at our university is ILLEGAL HAHAHAHA! Yeah, I got suspended because of my freakin' hair color Can you believe that?! But now the rule has been lifted for the next school year, Hair color is now allowed like what the hell???!!! Life is so unfair!!!! Anyways, enough with the rants. Since I'm a student no more, I'm freee~!

I hope you find this helpful! Follow my blog and my social media accounts to never miss a posts! 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I know what you mean about the effects of the after color conditioner. It also made my hair significantly soft and smooth! :)

  2. luv to read ur reviews..very helpful for people like me whose busy and got no time to try out new products such this. thanks mara!