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Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara (Waterproof)

Hi! I'm letting you in for a little secret! I'll be sharing with you my Holy Grail mascara as of the moment, the Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara! If you want to know why, then just keep on reading!


Product Specifications:

  • Waterproof type
  • Black
  • 'Fairydrop Brush'
  • Php 950 at Beauty Bar PH

Product Description: (from

Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara contains Volume Up Powder, Wax and Fiber to make "Volume Burst" in one coat. Its unique formula creates strong curls for Asian lashes that will not fall, even in the most humid conditions. This mascara is waterproof, sweat-proof and tear-proof; making it a mess free and smudge free product.

The special 'Fairydrop Brush' was created by a former TV Caster.

3 Steps: Catch, Curl up, and Fabulous!

US and Japan patented Fairydrops brush (straight) catches even the tiniest lashes from their roots. The balls of the brush pinch lashes into sharp triangular bunches and lifts them into beautiful curls without clumping.

The 'Fairydrop Brush' has three drops/balls that catches every lashes from the inner to outer corner of the lashline. At first I thought it was just some kind of gimmick, but I was wrong, it is indeed very effective trust me!

Surprisingly, I find this easier to use than other mascaras I've used in the past. The special brush is the perfect size and shape and the formula is not wet nor dry, which makes it easier to apply. It deposits too much mascara though which may cause clumps but hey all mascara does that! So I've learned this certain technique from a Korean make-up artist before:

Quick tip #1: Remove the excess mascara on the brush with a tissue paper, and voila! your brush should have an enough amount of mascara and No more clumps!

This purple one is the waterproof type and like any other japanese mascaras I've tried, it does live up to the waterproof claim. Since I started using japanese mascaras, I never used other western brand mascaras again because they tend to weigh down the curl of my lashes after application.

This Volume Burst mascara has this volume up powder, curl keep polymer, wax, and fiber that makes your lashes volumized, long and curled. Also, it doesn't just hold the curl of the lashes, it also lifts them up so your lashes will stay lifted and beautiful the whole day. Oh another thing I like about this mascara is it's not as stubborn to remove as other japanese mascaras, I'm not saying it's easy, but you know, it needs less work in removing than other mascaras, but remember! An oil-based make-up remover is still a must when removing any waterproof make-up! 

I already said everything about this product, so here are the pictures proving how wonderful this mascara works!

                     (L-R) Bare lashes, one coat of mascara, two coats of mascara

                       (L-R) Bare lashes, one coat of mascara, two coats of mascara

                       (L-R) Bare lashes, two coats of mascara, lenghtened lashes

My lashes looks amazing right? Whenever I'm wearing this when I'm with my sister, my mama, and my papa they would ask me if I'm wearing false eyelashes and I would say no, weh?! hahahahaha!

As you can see, It made my eyelashes look like falsies, it volumized and lengthened it without clumping. It does a great job in separating the lashes as well and it stays like that the whole day! This mascara is really amazing, I think everyone should try it!


  • Waterproof
  • Sweat-proof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Keep lashes lifted and curled all day (It doesn't weigh the curls down)
  • Volumizing
  • Lengthening
  • Looks like your wearing falsies
  • Good at separating the lashes
  • 'Fairydrop brush' catches even the tiniest lashes
  • Cute packaging
  • Lahes feels natural (doesn't feel crunchy when touched)

  • Brush tends to deposit excess mascara (see my quick tip #1 to prevent this)
  • Expensive (Php 950 at Beauty Bar) but it's worth it! 


5 stars for my HG mascara!

Now you know how amazing Fairydrops' Volume Burst Mascara is! It's definitely worth the price! and the packaging is so cute and fancy with all the drawings right? Try it and you'll surely love it!

I hope you find this review helpful! Follow my blog to see product reviews, recommendations, etc. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future posts tell me in the comments section below! Thank you  and have a nice day!~

Thanks for reading!

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