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Majolica Majorca Line Hunter Review + Tutorial

It's another day, meaning it's time for a new review! How do you guys like my posts so far? Is it good? Please tell me on the comments section below! 

Anyway, today's spotlight is going to be on a product that many girls are having a love-hate relationship with. And it is EYELINER! I know how you feel when your eyeliner just wouldn't cooperate with you! Trust me, I've been there, done that! :D

For today's review I'm going to share with you my thoughts on Majolica Majorca's newest product from their new collection- Chapter 40: Eye Hunter , the Line Hunter. And I'll do a little tutorial at the end of this post on how to line your eyes in 3 simple easy steps! So let's go ahead and get into the review and tutorial!

If you're looking for a black, waterproof, smudge proof, and the slimmest liquid eyeliner in stores right now, well I've got you covered!

Product specifications:
  • One shade (BK999 or black)
  • 1,000 JPY or Php 650 
  • 0.5 ml
I can't read Japanese, but I'm guessing from the illustration on the box that you can use this liquid eyeliner to create thick and thin lines with the brush.

Basically, this eyeliner is not like your typical liquid liner. What makes it different from other liquid liners is that it has this unique brush technology. The brush is designed flat thus it's kind of like double-sided, meaning you have the flat surface which will create a thick line, and you have the slim side which will create a thinner line.

Flat side creates thick line

Slim side creates thin line

To create a super slim line, use the point of the brush. Hold the liner like you're holding a pen, then the point of the brush should be across your eyes. Then start lining your eyes!

To create a thin line, the slim side should be parallel to your eyelids, then start drawing from the inner to outer corner.

To create a thick line, the flat side of the brush should be sitting parallel to your eyes, then start drawing a line from the inner to the outer corner of your lash line.

Quick Tip #1: Place your pinky finger on the top of your cheeks s to have a steady hand while lining your eyes. 

Oh I wrote Mara's beauty blog. hahaha! it's really thin like a G-TECH pen. If your pen accidentally ran out of ink, and you have this by chance, you can use this for writing hahahaha!

Water test and rub test:

After placing my hand under running water for a minute, here's what it looks like. It didn't bleed nor disappeared. I also rubbed the liner HARD with my finger, but nothing came of. My hands got red right after though :( but it's fine, atleast the liner didn't rubbed off at the back of hand :) 

I've been using this liner for months, and I'm telling you this is all you need. I only have two eye liners, this and my milani liquif'eye (I use it to tight line my upper waterline) and I'm good with only two eyeliners! I'm staying away from pencil and gel liners ever since I used liquid because they just smudged on me like crazy, I would always look like a panda (Asian eyes-small lids problem-- our eyeliner would alaways smudge or transfer on the tear duct and at the outer part of the lower lashline) And liquid liners are so much easier to use, right right? Who has the time to wash your eyeliner brush for gel liners and to sharpen the tips of pencil liners all the time??

Quick tip #2: Always clean the liquid liner brush with tissue after each use and put the cap back on right after use to prevent drying, If there's no  liquid coming out, just remove the dried out liquid on the brush with alcohol and the liner should be working again :)

  • Waterproof
  • Smudgeproof
  • Stays all day even without eye primer 
  • Matte Black
  • Slim
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to create thick and thin lines
  • Quality is worth the price (Php 650)
  • none

Linehunter deserves 5 stars! 


I'm going to teach you how I do my eyeliner, I think this is the easiest way as it only takes 3 simple and easy steps to create the perfect cat eyeliner. This will change your perspective with using eyeliners. Bad eyeliner days, be gone!

Step #1 - Line your upper lash line following the natural shape of you eyes 

Just a create a simple line from the inner to the outer part of your upper lash line. Here's how it should look like.

Step #2 - While looking down, starting from the end of the line we just created, draw a line going up towards the brows. Now the line should look like it's a continuation of the lower lash line.

See? It should look like a continuation of the lower lash line

Step #3 - Now place the brush at the end of the second line, then slowy connect it with the 1st line.

Tadah! Super easy right?

What do you think? Remember these steps okay? 

Visit Majolica Majorca's Facebook page to know more about product informations and updates!

I hope you find this review and tutorial helpful and I hope you learned a thing or two with the tips I gave you! Be sure to follow this blog to never miss a post! BTW, I do reviews everyday! Have a nice day!~

Thanks for reading!

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